MTC News - 02/14 - New UNIVERSE SEWING

It comes to shake up both the conventional offset and digital market. 

MTC News - 02/14 - New UNIVERSE SEWING

UNIVERSE SEWING matches the quick turnaround times of digital printers with a high quality book finishing. In addition, thanks to the high speed signatures feeder, the unit opens new opportunities for any bookbinder's need.

Recent upgrades brought UNIVERSE SEWING to a whole new level of performance and efficiency, matching the speed of ASTER range and providing cost-effective short run productions.

- Speed: feeding up to 400 A4/min and sewing up to 160 cycles/min.
- Enhanced ergonomics and comfortable loading/unloading process.
- Double feeding handles: offset signatures, digital sheets or both.
- Gigalynx™ Dual Control, for HD sequence control and autoprogramming.
- Worldwide Remote Service via ethernet, your "live" assistance!

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