MTC News - 06/14 - Coming Events

From July 16th to the 22nd, Meccanotecnica will attend Expoprint 2014 in Sao Paulo (Brazil)

MTC News - 06/14 - Coming Events

EXPOPRINT Latin America 2014

Meccanotecnica, together with its local representative Alphaprint, will attend EXPOPRINT Latin America 2014 in Sao Paulo - Brazil from July 16th to the 22nd, the largest and main event for graphic arts in the South American continent. 

AsterPRO, the most complete book sewing machine, and the new generation of UNIVERSE INLINE, at its world premiere, will be under the spotlight for seven days of passion and technology.

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The recent 20th edition of the Digital Printing Forum in Milan highlighted that Digital Printing is not just a solution for short runs, but it opens new opportunities to publishers.

Our professionals will continue to go deeply inside this argument by meeting printers and experts at the coming Dscoop EMEA 2014 - Grandmaster Summit in Budapest (Hungary), where the PRE-CONFERENCE ACTIVITY will include a guided tour to our prestigious customer Prime Rate. It will be a great opportunity to touch high quality finishing solutions by Meccanotecnica with the UNIVERSE SEWING running "live".

More info HERE. 

Dscoop Grandmasters Summit

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