Leo Paper Group

A long time supporter of aster machines

Leo Paper Group

Leo Paper picture 1

Mr. Yeung, Director and General Manager of LEO Paper

Leo Paper Group is a leading global printing and communication company, founded in 1982 in Hong Kong. The Group has now become a total solution provider.

Leo Paper has always had a deep commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and technology.

That’s why the cooperation with Meccanotecnica has always been so close and several dozen aster sewing machines are contributing to the success of Leo Paper and its strive for perfection.

In 2015, once more, Leo Paper has invested in 2 asterEVO book sewing machines with the aim to improve the company productivity and efficiency and to continue being one of the most innovative and technologic printing enterprise in the world.

Leo Paper focuses on five major product categories: books, games, bags, gift items and packaging along with a wide range of services from product development to logistics.

Leo Paper picture 2

aster sewing machines in operation at the Heshan facility, Guangdong (China)


The attention to excellence, paired by the output quality of aster sewing machines, helped Leo Paper to win several awards and accreditation by international organizations. These rewards, along the years, have infused among Leonians even more enthusiasm and dedication.

 Leo Paper picture 3

Mr. Yeung with some of the awards given to Leo Paper Group for its quality products.



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