PNB PRINT invests in a Multiplex SA

Multiplex SA gathering and sewing line

PNB PRINT invests in a Multiplex SA

The printing house PNB PRINT, specialized in the manufacturing of hard and soft cover books, magazines and catalogues has invested in a Multiplex Super Automatic gathering and sewing line with two asterTOP sewing machines.

Preses Nams Baltic with 30 years of experience in the field of printing have earned the trust of several customers either in Russia and in Europe thanks to consistent quality ensured by highly skilled personnel and modern technology.

The MULTIPLEX SA gathering and sewing line provides the most efficient way of producing sewn books. The solution minimizes production costs by eliminating the intermediate handling and the non-productive processes as storage and transport of gathered signatures.

In combination with asterTOP, thanks to a record speed of 18.000 cycles/hour for each machine, Multiplex provides unmatched output performance, otherwise reachable only with three or more book sewing units.


Special feature: double hopper feeding

The gathering machine allows the double hopper feeding: a special and useful system of gathering the same signature on the two adjacent gathering stations.

The special system enables every kind of programming allowing multiple gathering sequences.

Therefore pallets can be efficiently arranged along the gathering line increasing efficiency and productivity.

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