Digital Print Finishing with Universe Sewing

Peeters publishers invests in the Universe Sewing Sheet-Fed

Digital Print Finishing with Universe Sewing

Herent, Belgium. Peeters is a renowned offset and digital printing company, that mainly produces high quality scientific books.
The company thoroughly investigated the possibility to produce books in short runs with digital printing and to finish them with thread sewing, guaranteeing the same high quality and features found on a traditional sewn book produced in offset.
Print quality was the first issue, together with essential binding characteristics such as the lay-flat property typical of a thread sewn book.
Following the decision about the printing engine, Peeters begun the research for the next piece of equipment with the challenge to efficiently transform the high quality printed sheets into durable and top quality sewn books.
This very extensive and thorough examination has proven that Meccanotecnica with its solution: Universe Sewing sheet-fed had the best cards. 

Universe Sewing sheet-fed 

The Universe Sewing sheet-fed has several special features, matching perfectly the demands and requirements of Peeters printing. The solution, in facts, allows the Hybrid feeding, processing digital printed sheets, as well as conventional offset signatures into thread sewn book blocks. On top of that the solutions is JDF compatible.

To guarantee the correct sequence of the sheets and therefore the correct numbering of the pages, Peeters uses special barcode imposition (powered by Apogee of Agfa), to be implemented for the first time in Europe. By printing the barcode on each different sheet and reading it with Meccanotecnica's GygaLynx Dual Control Camera, located in the in-feed of the Universe Sewing, high quality book blocks are automatically produced without any mistakes. 

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