Books are hot and trendy!

Wilco - Printing and Binding invests in a Multiplex SA with two asterPRO and Nipping line

Books are hot and trendy!

Books are hot and trendy!

Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The increasing demand for luxury books: perfectly printed, thread sewn and finished in hardcover, is the proof of the truth of this statement.
Wilco is probably the largest sheet-fed printer and binder in the Netherlands, equipped with the most modern production equipment available on the market.
For the efficient production of hardcover books with very short run through times, Wilco recently invested in several new finishing pieces of equipment such as the Kolbus PKPK 170 board cutter and the Meccanotecnica's Multiplex Gathering and Sewing Line with two asterPRO.

MULTIPLEX SA with asterPRO and Nipping Line 

One of the features of a high quality hardcover book is the lay-flat property. This feature is mainly to be realized by producing books by thread sewing signatures one after another.
The demand for more pages in hardcover books and the increasing amount of book titles, was the reason why Wilco decided to expand the sewing capacity.

With the investment in a Multiplex SA Gathering and Sewing Line, consisting of MX4 gatherers with 32 feeders, two asterPRO sewing machines, each with an integrated nipping station and stacking device, has given Wilco multiple advantages:

  • shorter run through times;
  • a more efficient production;
  • the highest book block quality.

Multiplex SA

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